COVID-19 Update

SolSolutions is working hard during these trying times to provide customers with the best off-grid solar power, battery backup, and portable LED lighting solutions.  Whether it is for purchase or rental, give us a call today to discuss your needs!  We love hearing from you and keeping in contact as we all progress towards a better future.  We wish everyone health, saftey and happiness!

Upcoming Events

Solar for sustainable planet Square
Chaz Peling and Lindsay Wood with SolSolutions will highlight the many ways that regenerative, sustainable power can keep us charged up by the sun now as we shelter in place, and for when we emerge to create a better "normal".
May 27 - Solar PV 101: different options developing for solar panels
June 3rd - SolSolutions closed for move
June 10th - Solar devices, charge your cell phone and laptop with the sun
June 17th - Solar systems: What makes up a Solar System
Email or call us if you would like to see other topics discussed with regards to off-grid solar.

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