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SolMan Portable Solar Generators (Mini & 3000)

Whether for off-grid living, or providing backup power when the grid goes down, the SolMan line of portable solar generators provide on-demand, uninterrupted electricity to power your energy needs:

  • With up to 800W of solar charging, the ultra-portable SolMan Mini provides enough backup power to power all your essentials – from food and medical devices to computers and smartphones.

If you’re looking for an off grid and eco-friendly alternative to traditional grid power our custom solar generators can help

What Makes Our Premium Solar Generators Unique?

  • Both the SolMan Mini and 3000 Portable solar generators are versatile enough to charge from any power source – including from the grid, with the solar panels or even a gas generator. And due to their “plug & play” design, you can be up and running in a matter of minutes – with no technical skills required. However…
  • Coupling the solar generator with solar panels, lets you dramatically shrink your carbon footprint while also removing ongoing costs like fuel, and maintenance from the equation. This versatility makes the SolMan line one of the greenest and most affordable premium solar generators and storage solutions on the market.

Additional benefits of our portable solar generators:

  • Eco-friendly design, with no toxic fumes released during charging or discharging.
  • They run silently, eliminating the noise pollution you often see with legacy fuel based generators
  • Compact size, allowing you to easily transport them in any utility vehicle. In fact, you can adjust your panels throughout the day to maximize how much sunlight your solar panels capture.
  • Ease of use, with virtually zero maintenance requirements. This is in sharp contrast to traditional diesel generators that need constant refueling and servicing.
  • Modular and scalable design, which allows you to combine multiple units together as your energy needs evolve over time.
  • Full system control via the smartphone app. Even when you’re not on-site, our custom solar generators ensure you always remain in the driver’s seat.
  • American-made, weather-resistant design with commercial-grade components. These premium solar generators are as rugged as they come – backed with a 2 year warranty coverage.


Is the SolMan Solar Generator Right for You?

Whether you want to reduce your grid dependence, have reliable backup power, or reduce emissions, fumes and noise, the SolMan line of premium solar generators excels in any number of applications, including for:

  • Off-Grid Power – for remote homes, RVs, rural worksites, and other instances in which grid-connectivity is prohibitively expensive.
  • Tiny Homes – the SolMan 3000 stores enough solar energy to cover all the energy needs of mobile and stationary Tiny Homes.
  • Backup Power – for those who need reliable, uninterrupted power during blackouts, brownouts, and other grid outages.
  • Emergency Response – for natural disasters, military operations, road accidents, crime scenes, and other cases in which reliable off-grid power is essential.
  • Construction & Mining – whether for road repairs, mines, and construction sites. And with zero noise pollution, the SolMan is ideally suited for “quiet” works zones.
  • Live Events – for concerts, trade shows, fairs, conferences, security zones, vendor areas, and even parking lots.


Can the SolMan Power my home
Sort of, the big question that always has to be answered is how much power do you need? Also, most homes are designed with a split phase electrical system and the SolMan 3000 and Mini are both single phase systems. For a larger home either the SolMan 3000 or Mini are capable of powering critical loads such as refrigerator, computers, cell phones, lights that you would plug in to an extension cord, etc. The SolMan 3000 is capable of powering up to 9,000 watt hours per day, depending on your location and amount of solar gain you get.

Most backup power solutions are permanently installed next to whatever property needs on-demand electricity. This is as true for stationary diesel generators as it is for solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on rooftops.

But what happens when your energy needs become mobile?

Introducing the Watt Wagon, the World’s Most Versatile Solar Power Trailer

The Watt Wagon is a portable solar power trailer that lets you instantly generate renewable energy whenever and wherever you need it most.

As with all our backup solutions, the Watt Wagon Solar Power Trailer:

  • Operates on clean sunshine, allowing you to dramatically reduce emissions and shrink your carbon footprint.
  • Runs silently, making it ideal for residential neighborhoods and areas with noise ordinances.
  • Doesn’t release toxins or fumes, which removes the need to generate power in “well-ventilated” spaces.
  • Saves money by allowing you to replace expensive fossil fuel with free energy from the sun.
  • Saves time by eliminating the need for maintenance, repairs, and trips to the gas station.
  • Built for endurance thanks to rigorous testing in the field and its American-made design.

The Watt Wagon was originally created for temporary power needs. But it is such a versatile backup solution that many homeowners choose it over traditional rooftop PV installations. That’s because this mobile solar power trailer can be positioned and any orientation to maximize sun capture. And this allows it to deliver more power output than a similarly-sized rooftop solar PV system ever could.

A Portable Solar Power Trailer with Limitless Applications

The Watt Wagon was specifically designed to go wherever your energy needs take you. However, below are some of the more common applications of this portable solar power solution.

1. Drilling, Construction, and Mining

With its portability, the Watt Wagon allows field teams to easily relocate construction site power on-the-fly – saving both time and money. Silent operation helps with noise ordinance compliance. And when coupled with battery storage, this solar trailer allows for greater operational continuity after the sun goes down.

2. Remote Sites

When grid connectivity is impossible, the Watt Wagon allows you to import temporary solar power for short-term needs – making it perfect for remote cabins and vacation homes. The same is true for other off-grid power applications (like telecom towers).

3. Camping

This solar power trailer is an ideal backup power solution when taking friends and family on extended camping trips. Just hook the Watt Wagon to your vehicle, and you’ll have instant access to clean power with every sunrise.

4. Disaster Relief Areas

Whether to power lights, refrigerate medical supplies, or help field personnel charge their phones – the Watt Wagon Solar Power Trailer can help save lives in situations where emergency backup power is critical.

5. Concerts and Events

With more events being held outside due to social distancing, this mobile solar trailer offers the perfect blend of reliable power and silent operation. Use the Watt Wagon for everything from concerts to trade shows to county fairs.

6. Electric Vehicle Charging

We never saw this one coming. But many EV drivers are worried about access to recharging options – especially when traveling in unfamiliar areas. The Watt Wagon Solar Power Trailer is helping to bridge that gap, allowing EV drivers to take their power with them on-the-go.

Learn More about the Watt Wagon Solar Trailer Today

If you’re in the market for a portable, rugged, and reliable backup power solution that doesn’t harm the planet, the Watt Wagon Solar Trailer is exactly what you’re looking for.


Can the Watt Wagon Power my home?
Yes, however you will need to have a licensed electrician install a transfer switch and backup plug that is compatible with the Watt Wagon and your home electrical system.

Hybrid Energy Systems Overview

For most homeowners and businesses, diesel generators are the “go-to” solution for emergency backup power. However, diesel generators suffer from several drawbacks, including:

  • Polluting: they’re incredibly dirty since they rely on toxic petrochemicals to operate. 22lbs of CO2 emissions are produced for every gallon of diesel used.
  • Inefficient: many diesel generators are installed based on “max” power requirements, leading to unnecessary waste…especially true when energy demand is low.
  • Noisy: when a diesel generator is running, everyone nearby can hear (and smell) it.
  • Expensive: diesel generators are expensive since they need to be refilled often and depending on how much they run or sit idle, maintenance is required.

Fortunately, there is now a more efficient and environmentally friendly way to ensure reliable backup power for your home or business. This alternative to diesel generators is quieter, more efficient and offers to be the most affordable solution on the market.

Introducing the Powr2 Hybrid Energy System

The Hybrid Energy System (HES) is the world’s most resilient multi-purpose backup power solution for residential and commercial applications:

  • This hybrid power system comes with high-performance batteries capable of drawing from any energy source – including the grid, solar panels, and diesel.
  • It can intelligently switch between multiple power sources – based on need, cost, and availability.
  • It automatically becomes a Universal Power Supply (UPS) the moment a grid outage is detected.

The brain of the Hybrid Energy System


The Hybrid Energy System is a game changer for providing a variety of power to meet your energy needs.

  • Bright and sunny day, collect power from the sun
  • Cloudy rainy or middle of night, use power from the grid or generator
  • Grid goes down, lithium batteries can be charged from solar or generator

Keep your power flowing no matter what is happening

Potential Applications of the Hybrid Energy System

Imagine you have a solar installation coupled with on-site batteries. And both are connected to your Hybrid Energy System

  • During the day, your solar panels charge your batteries. And your batteries power your home.
  • When the sun goes down, the Brain instantly switches to grid electricity to charge your batteries until the sun comes back the following morning.

If your panels or the utility grid ever stop working for any reason, the Hybrid Energy System automatically becomes a standard generator – providing you with uninterrupted backup power.

Why Homeowners and Businesses Choose the Hybrid Energy System

Reliability is the #1 criterion when choosing any backup power system. That’s because energy needs are non-negotiable – especially in emergencies. However, there are many other reasons why homeowners and businesses choose the Hybrid Energy System:

  • Flexibility: the HES is source-agnostic, allowing you to choose whatever energy generation technology you want – from diesel to solar to the grid.
  • Efficiency: any energy generated by diesel is used to power your home, top up your batteries, or both – resulting in less waste.
  • Sustainability: you can reduce emissions and shrink your carbon footprint. This is especially true when using solar as one of your power sources. Integration of Powr2 Hybrid Energy Systems gives you the opportunity to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 80% when compared to running a diesel generator alone.
  • Affordability: with less refueling and higher efficiency rates, the HES is one of the most affordable backup power systems on the market.
  • Ease: in addition to saving you money, the this renewable power system also saves you time by letting the “Brain” automatically do all the heavy lifting for you.

And did we mention the lack of noise pollution?

The hybrid power system’s silent operation is a major selling point for homeowners who need backup power in quiet residential neighborhoods. The same is true for construction sites in zones with noise ordinances.

Is this Hybrid Power System Right for You?

If you need a reliable backup power solution that doesn’t harm the planet, hurt your ears, or drain the bank, the HES may just be the perfect option for you.

To learn more, contact our energy experts today for a free consultation.


More often than not, diesel generators spend a lot of their service life running inefficiently on low loads creating unnecessary pollution and fuel waste. The first graph shows a typical asymmetric load profile of a power generator running 24 hrs.

  • The diesel generator will be operating between 6% and 75% of its capacity.
  • It runs inefficiently for 60% of the time.
  • Diesel generators consume more fuel per kWh, compared to when operating between 60-80% of capacity.

Understandably, diesel generators are often over specified, meaning they frequently run at less than 25% capacity. Typically, the same diesel generator providing the higher daytime power, is continually running 24/7 to provide a lower overnight load. Consuming large amounts of diesel fuel overnight, unnecessarily.The second graph shows the diesel generator load profile where the Hybrid Energy System takes over the night time low loads and switches the generator off saving fuel, protecting the generator from wet stacking, providing silent periods and reducing emissions.


The Hybrid Energy System Node Energy Management Software monitors the diesel generator and load status, autonomously turning the generator on and off according to predetermined load or time parameters significantly reducing generator noise, emissions, fuel waste and operational costs.

SCENARIO 1: TIMER SETTINGS The Hybrid Energy System controls the operation of the diesel generator. The power generator runs constantly through the day and then the HES turns the diesel generator off at night, running the site silently on the stored energy. Example: 6am – 6pm on generator, and 6pm – 6am HES stored energy.

SCENARIO 2: LOAD SENSING The Hybrid Energy System automatically switches off the diesel generator when it is running at low loads and powers the load with stored energy. Or, the HES is the primary power source for long periods of low load and switches the generator on for higher load demands; an example of this would be oilfield well head operation. The Hybrid Energy System re-charges when the diesel generator is running for higher loads and thus fuel consumption is optimized.

SCENARIO 3: CONSTANT LOW LOAD The HES is the primary power source, and only switches on the diesel generator to re-charge the batteries. The diesel generator runs at a much higher load when charging the Hybrid Energy System, improving fuel efficiency.

POWR2 ECM | Energy Control Module:

The Powr2 ECM takes hybrid power system control to a whole new level. With a 7″ touch screen and intuitive user interface, this incredibly versatile controller is suitable for use in the most demanding and complex systems. Fitted as standard equipment to every Powr2 Hybrid Energy System, the Powr2 ECM retrieves data from all connected devices including inverters, batteries, diesel gensets, PV and more; displays it on the screen and uses the data to inform which source of energy to use and which loads to prioritize.

  • Adaptable to almost any project according to your requirements.
  • Deep Control of the connected systems: Inverters, Genset, PV, Grid, Batteries, Meters, Sensors, etc.
  • Multiple layers of business logic to maximize efficiency and cost savings while ensuring the longest lifetime of connected components.
  • Control loads by kWh, kVA, Time, Pollution Levels and many other metrics to ensure energy is never wasted or used outside of contracted terms.
  • The system can be operated and monitored via a web server and the POWR2 PORTAL web platform.


Your energy management cloud platform for reporting and business intelligence. Remote asset management with real time alerts and ability to delegate customer access the POWR2 Portal puts all your data from all sources in one place, displayed however and wherever you want to see it.
Simple : Accessible : Customizable


Whether it’s a construction site noise ordinance or a high profile sports event, POWR2 Hybrid Energy Systems will give you the noise and emission free periods you didn’t realize you could have.


At a recent PGA tournament, Hybrid Energy Systems were used with power generators to power concession stands and other requirements right on the golf course. Attendees, organizers and neighbors were able to enjoy the tournament without generator noise and emissions throughout the day, while the generator kicked back in at night to replenish the stored energy in the HES overnight.


A New York City noise ordinance specified no overnight or weekend generator power on a construction site. One of our clients was able to offer the solution using a POWR2 Hybrid Energy System to run all the overnight and weekend loads for lighting and security etc.. solely from stored energy.
Powr2 Environmental Benefits


Although Tier 4 engines do a great job of capturing the NOx and PM10 particles that are harmful to humans, CO2 still goes unchecked. Every gallon of diesel burned produces about 22 lbs of CO2. With the millions of gallons of diesel used every day, this adds up to a major negative impact on our environment.

Integration of Powr2 Hybrid Energy Systems gives you the opportunity to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 80% when compared to running a diesel generator alone.

Powr2 Environmental Benefits

A 300kVA Tier 4 Final diesel generator running 24/7 could easily consume 300 gallons of diesel a day. If 50% of this fuel was conserved by the use of Hybrid Energy Systems, significant savings can be made both financially and in natural resources.

22lbs of CO2 emissions produced for every gallon of fuel a diesel engine uses



Can I feed power back to the grid
It depends on how your solar system was installed and what your wanting to do with your system. For example, do you want a simple back up system, or a system that interties with the gridtie solar, or is a load shifting and net metering system. When you work with our sales technicians, they will ask you about your system.


Installed Battery Backup Systems Overview

Many homeowners and businesses go solar to protect themselves from blackouts. The thinking goes that having emergency backup power will allow them to keep the lights on in case of a grid failure.

But the reality is very different.

Most solar photovoltaic (PV) systems are grid-tied and automatically power off during blackouts. This is a safety feature designed to protect utility workers in the field. But even with this feature disabled, you’ll still be in the dark once the sun goes down and your solar panels stop working.

However, it’s now possible to design your PV system so that you always have reliable power – day and night – even when the rest of the grid goes down.

All you need is an on-site battery backup system to get started.

How Our Battery Backup Systems Work

Our installed battery storage solutions integrate seamlessly with new or existing solar PV installations:

  • When the sun is shining, your solar panels top up your batteries, which provides daytime backup power for your appliances.
  • When your solar panels stop working at night, you draw the energy you need from your battery backup system.

This basic process works the same whether your solar installation is connected to the grid or not. However, if your PV system is:

  • Off-grid, your solar panels and batteries become a self-contained energy solution that doesn’t involve utility providers or monthly electricity bills.
  • Grid-connected, you benefit from an extra layer of protection since you can always draw power from whichever source is cheapest and most abundant – your panels, batteries, or the utility network. However, this option requires using a licensed professional who has experience working with high-voltage grid infrastructure.

What Are the Main Advantages of Installed Battery Backup Systems?

Customers enjoy several benefits when using our backup battery technology, including:

1. Energy Security

Enjoy peace of mind knowing you always have access to emergency backup power – even if the rest of the
neighborhood is in the dark. This means you can:

  • Keep food and medication refrigerated
  • Connect with the outside world through your router
  • Stay in touch with loved ones by charging phones and laptop
  • Save lives by powering essential medical devices

2. Energy Independence

Most solar customers stay connected to the grid. But adding on-site battery storage gives you the option of decoupling from your utility provider forever. As an independent power producer, you won’t have any more electricity bills or grid outages to worry about.

3. Human Health and Environment

Going solar can reduce your reliance on grid electricity. But using utility power at night means you’re still polluting (albeit indirectly). Adding a battery backup system is the cheapest way to power your energy needs – while reducing your carbon footprint to zero.

Why Choose Our Backup Power Technology

The above benefits apply to all solar battery technologies. What sets our emergency backup power solutions apart is their:

  • Efficiency – our solutions use high-quality lead acid and lithium batteries from trusted names.
  • Longevity – even under the harshest conditions, our batteries outlast the competition due to rigorous R&D and commercial-grade components.
  • Reliability – you need power when you need it. And our backup solutions remove any uncertainty by delivering guaranteed performance when it matters most.
  • Accountability – you can monitor the performance of your entire PV installation and emergency backup power system using remote tracking through a dedicated smart phone app.
  • Domestic content – we are deeply committed to the “American-Made” concept, which is why all our components are designed or manufactured domestically.

These benefits are backed by our industry-leading customer service and field experience. We don’t sell one-size-fits-all backup power solutions since every user has slightly different energy requirements. Instead, we conduct thorough analyses to design and customize every backup battery installation – complete with end-to-end service regarding incentives, financing, and permitting.

In addition, we’ve partnered with Bob Leff & ElectricWorks to create SolRelsilience LLC. Bob has 30 years of experience designing and installing energy-efficient back power systems. Moreover, he is fully insured and bonded – with an electrical CA C-10 license.

Emergency Backup Power – When You Need It Most

However, a growing number of homeowners are also clamoring for these benefits as well. This is especially true during global pandemics when mobile phones and Wi-Fi routers represent the only connection to the outside world.

If you’d like to start enjoying these benefits as well, we can help. To learn more about our installed backup battery solutions, click on Get a Quote to share your information.


Can I feed power back to the grid with my solar backup system?
It depends on how your solar system was installed and what your wanting to do with your system. For example, do you want a simple back up system, or a system that interties with the gridtie solar, or is a load shifting and net metering system. When you work with our sales technicians, they will ask you about your system.

Upcoming Events

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COVID-19 Update

SolSolutions is working hard during these trying times to provide customers with the best off-grid solar power, battery backup, and portable LED lighting solutions. Whether it is for purchase or rental, give us a call today to discuss your needs! We love hearing from you and keeping in contact as we all progress towards a better future. We wish everyone health, saftey and happiness!


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