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Off Grid Solar Explained

Why go Solar?

With the rise in energy costs, rolling blackouts, and regulations, the desire to be self reliant and “Own Your Power” is more and more attractive.

Whether you are powering a construction site, backup power for your home or powering an RV or Tiny Home, off-grid solar systems are on the rise.


Off-Grid vs. on Grid

We’ve seen solar panels on houses, in fields and in parking lots. Through solar systems we are able to “tap into energy from the sun”. However not all solar systems are the same. Many residential solar systems get installed and are tied into the grid, called grid intertie. This means the solar generated feeds directly into the grid and there are no batteries to store the energy accumulated from the day’s sun. When the grid goes down, so too does the power in the home where a Grid intertie system is installed.

With an off-grid solar system, solar is collected and stored in batteries to be used at a later time in the day such as night when we turn on lights, our TV’s etc. It is also used to power appliances that run 24/7 such as fans, refrigerators, etc.

An off-grid solar system will have more complexity since there are additional components such as

  • batteries to store the energy
  • inverters to convert direct current into alternating current
  • charge controllers to control the charge coming in from our panels to our inverter and batteries
  • User interface to have a visual on how much energy we are using, collecting and have saved up in our batteries
  • and many more wires and connections

SolSolutions has been specializing in designing “off-grid” solar systems for more than 12 years and got it’s start with the smaller personal portable SolMan Solar Generator series. Now SolSolutions offers much larger systems to be used by commercial businesses such as construction sites, large residential, universities athletics, etc.

At SolSolutions we meet our clients power and lighting needs with the following product categories:

  • SolMan Mini and SolMan 3000 Solar generators
  • Hybrid Energy Systems (HES)
  • Watt Wagon Solar Powered Trailers
  • Solar Light Towers
  • Solar Powered Lighting

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COVID-19 Update

SolSolutions is working hard during these trying times to provide customers with the best off-grid solar power, battery backup, and portable LED lighting solutions. Whether it is for purchase or rental, give us a call today to discuss your needs! We love hearing from you and keeping in contact as we all progress towards a better future. We wish everyone health, saftey and happiness!


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