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Own your Power with a SolMan 3000

Power up a Tiny Home with the SolMan 3000

Solar power is a great way to own your own power and be self reliant. Whether you power a Tiny Home or backup power for a full sized home the SolMan 3000 is the right choice for you.

The SolMan 3000 runs clean and silent, allowing for placement next to your Tiny Home without smell or noise disruption. Whether your Tiny House is far from the grid or you simply want your own power, separate from the grid, the SolMan solar generator has you covered.

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Portable Tiny Home Power

When going Tiny, portability is key. Whether you move your Tiny Home every few months or leave it for years, having the SolMan 3000 portable solar generator gives you the flexibility to take your home and your power with you wherever you want to go.

The SolMan 3000 is …

  • Is built solid inside a flight case with lockable wheel casters.
  • Easily transported inside the Tiny Home or in the back of a truck or van.
  • Best moved by two-three people using car ramps.

Tiny Home Hybrid Power System

What about those dark, rainy and cold days? Will my SolMan still work. In these conditions it is best to pair the SolMan 3000 with a gas generator to form a powerful hybrid system, capable of powering your Tiny Home 24/7, whatever the conditions.

Use solar for most of your power needs then switching on the gas generator to cover those rainy days gives you the peace of mind to ensure your life will go uninterrupted.

This hybrid system drastically cuts your fuel usage, while ensuring you have power for your Tiny Home when you need it.

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home power

Energy Efficiency and Solar Power

Energy Efficient appliances and devices are a perfect pairing for solar power. Here’s a great checklist to ensure you are optimized for the SolMan Solar generator.

  • LED lights are the most energy efficient and non-toxic lighting around, make sure to install LED lights in your Tiny Home.
  • Appliances such as the refrigerator, kettle, toaster and induction range are some of the biggest users of electricity, make sure yours are energy star rated.

The reduction in electricity usage from applying these energy efficiency steps can help you manage your solar power and battery storage to ensure you are never without power.

Solar Tracking

Where to place your solar panels, that is the question. Many think solar panels are best placed on the roof, but what if you are parking under a tree or the pitch of your roof is not the best angle? With the SolMan 3000 we’ve given you total flexibility and separated the panels from the batteries and “brain” of the system.

You can choose to have the panels on the roof or place them on the ground where they are easy to maintain and attract the best sunlight possible.

By placing your panels on the ground you can achieve "solar tracking." Solar tracking means you turn the unit to face east into the sun in the morning, then turn it again around 11 am to face south, and again around 3 pm to face west. This will allow you to gain 30% or more in total solar watt-hours inbound versus a fixed system. The more watts/solar energy coming in at max power for more hours gives you more overall energy to use and charge your batteries with.

What’s my first step in figuring out if the SolMan 3000 is right for me? The first step is your power audit. This power audit determines.

  • What is your power demand?
  • How many average sun hours you get in both summer and winter?

With this information above we can determine how the SolMan 3000 can work best for you and if you need to pair it with a gas generator.

For example, let’s say person A lives in North Dakota and person B lives in Arizona. Both own Tiny Homes that use around 7,000 watt hours per day. It’s now winter, and Person A in North Dakota will need to add a gas generator to maintain energy demands during the snowy, rainy days, while person B in Arizona will likely be able to make it through the winter with only their solar. Our recommendations would be to have either the grid or a backup generator as a way to ensure your energy demands are met year round.

Design your home for Solar

When it comes to designing your Tiny Home to include the SolMan 3000 here are some best practices:

  • Install a 30 amp external male receptacle on the exterior of your Tiny Home. This allows you to plug the SolMan 3000 directly into your house.
  • Build out a shed to store the SolMan 3000 Battery box either on ground or mounted directly on your Tiny Home (if you plan on traveling often).
  • Your SolMan 3000 Battery/Inverter box can be up to 50’ from your Tiny Home and the solar panels can be up to 50’ from the Battery/Inverter box, giving you up to 100’ to find the ideal sun.
  • You will need to run a 10 gauge electrical cord from the SolMan 3000 to your Tiny Home, not to exceed 50’ (You can purchase a 4 port combiner box and 50’ heavy duty cord from SolSolutions).

Heating and Solar

The highest energy demands are when we heat or cool our air, heat our water and cook our food. SolSolutions has designed hundreds of off-grid systems and we’ve seen thousands of power audits where the second you try to power these devices with solar, your solar costs also go up. In addition where you are located North Dakota or Arizona will greatly impact how much solar you get on your system.

The one exception to this is during the summer months when the heat of the day is taking place, the sun is also high in the sky making it a great pairing for one another. Now think about winter, in the morning it’s usually the coldest, the sun is low or covered by clouds and rainy or snowing, not a great mix for solar.

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Solar Power Wrap Up

Solar power fits well with the lifestyle and the values of Tiny Home owners. When building a Tiny Home or upgrading it to solar, it is important to keep in mind and understand your power needs and design specifications.

The SolMan 3000 portable solar generator is a solid pairing with the mobile nature of Tiny Homes.

Ultimately, Tiny House solar power requires power management and planning to ensure you have ample electricity for the specific uses a Tiny Home desires.

Following these steps for off-grid solar power allows you the Tiny Home owner to be ready-to-go, flexible, sustainable, and self reliant for anywhere and anything the future has to offer.

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