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The Evolution of the SolMan

Dating all the way back to the early 90's, the SolMan line has been a pioneer of portable solar power.

  • 1992: Phil and Richard Jergensen team up with Howard Letovsky to form SUNTOOLS. SUNTOOLS introduces the "Sol Man" line of "Portable Solar Charged AC-DC Power Generators" at SEER (Solar Energy Expo & Rally). The first Sol Man units were built into ice chests.
  • 1995: The Sol Man is further developed by inventors Phil Jergenson, Howard Letovsky and Reinhold Zeiglar under the Sun Tools banner
  • Mid 2002: Chaz Peling enters into an agreement with Phil, Reinhold, and Howard to commercialize the SolMan and bring it to market.
  • August 2003: A SolMan runs an art installation at Burning Man. This was one of the first that was designed using the now classic bicycle wheeled cart style that made the SolMan an easily distinguished sight.
  • October 2008: Chaz Peling buys the SolMan brand from the remaining partners of Suntools, LLC and begins the formation of a new company, SolSolutions, LLC.
  • October 2009: SolSolutions celebrates the grand opening of it's facility in Willits, CA on Friday Oct 30th, 2009.
  • Spring 2010: The startup becomes the first in the world to come up with a lithium battery powered mobile solar "generator". (Contrary to the claims of some competitors a full 6 years later.)
  • Summer 2010: SolSolutions begins touring to green expos around the west coast.
  • Summer 2010: SolSolutions begins making moves into sustainable event power rental services, providing power for stages and booths at local events and festivals.
  • September 2010: The SolMan mobile solar generator is one of 10 new products and technologies, chosen from 75 entries, showcased in West Coast Green’s Innovation Pipeline at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco.
  • March 2012: SolSolutions enjoys early success and moves to Santa Rosa, CA to further harness growth opportunities.
  • August 2013: SolMan powers Stanford University's Solar Decathalon.
  • August 2013: Popular Burning Man camp, Fractal Planet, employs SolSolutions as their solar power providers.
  • 2013: The SolMan Classic is featured in TINY: A Story About Living Small, a film about Tiny Homes that premiered at SXSW Film Festival and is available on DVD as TINY: The movie.
  • 2015: The SolMan Classic is shown powering a tiny home on the popular A&E show, Tiny House Nation (Season 2 Ep. 5)
  • 2016: The SolMan Action Packer was shown providing solar power for a tiny house in San Diego on Tiny House Hunters on HGTV.

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