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Company Overview

As off-grid power and lighting specialists, SolSolutions has been in the business of designing, integrating, building, installing, selling, renting, and servicing off-grid power and lighting systems in the North bay for over 12 years.

Our expertise began with our founder, Chaz Peling who in the 80’s pioneered the off-grid lifestyle in Humboldt, Mendocino and Sonoma Counties.

SolSolutions provides reliable portable solar power generators, solar powered trailers, solar light towers, and custom designed off-grid solar power and backup systems.

SolSolutions provides turn-key solar and lighting equipment to outdoor events as part of our Sustainable Event Services. And we are now providing a range of portable solar/battery power and lighting equipment to construction, temporary, emergency, and other market needs with our rental + service model using our equipment.

SolSolutions is dedicated to helping its customers achieve energy independence through the use of solar and hybrid energy systems made with quality commercial grade components.




SolSolutions Mission

SolSolutions strives to educate the community, transform thinking and create new products to support our collective sustainability. It is our goal to help both residential and business customers incorporate alternative energy sources into their operations to increase sustainability, lower costs and improve the environment.

Going off grid, ensuring our customers have reliable back-up power or using the power of the sun helps us all to

  • Reduce our carbon footprint
  • Move away from dirty fossil fuel sources
  • Become more energy “aware”
  • Produce local power vs centralized power

Our drive towards Sustainability is Fueled by our Personal and Collective Empowerment!


SolSolutions Team

Chaz Peling


Chaz’s aka the “Capitan” passion and knowledge comes from working in the solar energy field for decades. Having been a pioneer in the alternative energy for off-grid living in the 1980s, Chaz knows what it takes to truly design and install a reliable off-grid solar system. Chaz is a life-long entrepreneur, starting and advising three successful businesses. Chaz also spent time in the telecom/Internet industry as a business development manager and sales executive. His experience as a builder and electrician helped him administer complex designs in solar equipment. Chaz has completed an AA in electronics technology while continuing his education with business and solar/electrical courses. In his spare time Chaz likes to spend time on his property, gardening, tending to the animals and enjoying the peace and quiet of West Sonoma County.

Traverse Hall

Operations Manager

Traverse is a solutionary through and through. Joining SolSolutions in 2013 to focus primarily on sustainable event power development, he has grown to be a key contributor in many areas to the growth of the company, including design ingenuity, marketing, sales, customer service, research and development, creative direction, policy, and strategy. Traverse is well versed in audio production and lighting, having honed his craft in weddings and events for over 10 years prior to joining SolSolutions. He designed and developed the SolMan 3000 and SolMan Mini to meet the ever increasing need for off-grid and back-up power and to keep the SolMan brand current with developing technology. In his spare time, Traverse likes to attend music events, play billiards, and enjoy the outdoors.

Bob Leff


Bob has been involved with all aspects of electrical wiring since 1976, Bob Learned his trade on the west coast of US, holding electrical licenses in Oregon, Washington, Colorado and California. Bob settled in California in 1988 contracting as Electric Works C-10 541062, Bob has worked in all aspects of electrical wiring from Data Fire systems to Solar off the grid wiring. From energy manager of the local community college to acting as the Electrician of record to a 300 employee start up manufacturing company designing alternative housing. Bob brings his design and production services to Sol Solutions entering the group as partner in "SolResilience" a contracting arm of SolSolutions providing design and installation services to products sold.

Lindsay Wood

Marketing and Sales Director

Lindsay Wood, aka Tiny Home Lady, has been leading teams in Marketing and Sales for the past 30 years. Her passion is to connect people and businesses with products and services that will improve their lives and make the planet a better place to live. Lindsay’s commitment to sustainability led her down career paths including biodiesel production, LED lighting, Tiny Homes, Affordable housing development and Off Grid Solar. With so much uncertainty around our grid system, Lindsay strongly believes people owning their own power is key to being resilient in the face of so many changes to our climate and our natural systems. In her spare time, Lindsay loves to dance and create events. She lives with her husband Eric and dog Zoe in a 300 sq ft Tiny Home with a 1.3 kW solar system.

SolSolutions Advisory Team

Laura Dolan

Board of Advisors

Laura Peling brings her long-term experience as a CPA and winery and contracting Accountant to our Board as a finance and accounting specialist. She has worked in the finance for non-profits and real estate over her career. She enjoys local Sonoma wines and local sourced foods, along with a range of local and Americana Music and has been a lifelong lover of the of the environment and the earth.

Andy Fusso

CFO and International Coordinator

Andy Fusso is the CFO and International Coordinator and for Earthdance's global network of peace and music festivals, and in 2020 helped launch the Earthdance.TV live-streaming site. He is also an investor in Alegria Village, an innovative permaculture-based intergenerational community in Costa Rica, dedicated to best practices in regenerative living and design. Previously, he was a board member and Treasurer for the Mount Shasta Bioregional Ecology Center, a small but feisty environmental nonprofit protecting that mountain's water, forest, wildlife and cultural resources. In 2005, he was part of a team which accomplished Dolby Laboratories' initial public offering. From 2003 to 2011, he owned the Jellyfish Gallery art and performance space in San Francisco's SOMA area. Andy continues to advise a variety of organizations and people who make the world a better place.

Dr. Jay Hasty

Entrepreneur Co-founding

Jay Hasty is a serial entrepreneur co-founding several companies in the renewable energy and clean water sector. From early technology R&D, go-to-market strategy, commercial launch and market expansion, Jay has grown small agile companies up to 50 employees with 1000s of project deployments in over 35+ countries.She also holds a patent in novel biomass gasification reactors and engine conversions for heat, power and biochar. Other projects include the design and bud of a 1M gallon per year biodiesel plant from waste oil. Water technology developments include gasification coupling with atmospheric water deployment which was a winner of the XPRIZE in Water Abundance 2018. Additionally a rapid, zero maintenance system for the 1-step purification of wastewater streams for food & beverage, remediation and industrial process water recycling. She has sat on several technical advisory boards including a waste plastic-to-fuel company in South Africa, an agriculture and energy green-roofs company and an affordable housing, sustainable infrastructure developer.She has been living in Puerto Rico for the last 2 years working alongside local leaders on solar projects post-hurricane Maria in a changing regulatory atmosphere. She worked in a small group of co-founders to start Aceleradora de Cooperativas Eléctricas de Puerto Rico (ACEPR), a program to accelerate the formation and information transfer among electric cooperatives after the recent change in regulation and works with some of the largest commercial real estate holders in PR to develop renewable energy microgrids within their portfolios.

Joseph Marino


Joseph Marino, Past owner Interstate Battery of the Redwood Empire, Founder Batteries, Inc, Founder DC Power Systems which became Soligent a national distributor of renewable energy products, founder of Stellar Energy Systems, founder Sunpoint Energy a solar distributor which designs and supplies battery backup systems, off-grid systems, and grid tied battery systems. Past consultant for Soltrac Electric Tractors, Past Board Member of the Solar Living Institute

Off-Grid Solar Solutions for your Home or Business

Upcoming Events

SolSolutions is looking to get involved in events as we open back up from shelter-in-place. If you need on-site solar power or lighting, please contact us today!

COVID-19 Update

SolSolutions is working hard during these trying times to provide customers with the best off-grid solar power, battery backup, and portable LED lighting solutions. Whether it is for purchase or rental, give us a call today to discuss your needs! We love hearing from you and keeping in contact as we all progress towards a better future. We wish everyone health, saftey and happiness!


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